{exploring the San Juan Islands, WA}

Location: Washington State

 Our Home:  We recently relocated and are the proud new renters of a cute little house with a fenced in yard and a two car garage!  We are so excited to get settled in and make it into our new home, our first as a married couple!

{Our cute little house!}

Ages: 25 and 27 (She’s older!  Gasp!)

Married:  We had our wedding on December 22, 2010

{sealing our vows with a kiss!}

Careers/Education:  We are both active duty Army!  It is a crazy life, filled with early mornings, big loads of laundry, stealing each other’s green socks, and time away from each other.

{look, we match!}

 Our Typical Night:  Dinner in front of our favorite shows including CSI, Law and Order, Chuck and a few others.. In the summer it’s a BBQ and a cold beer for us!

 Our Typical Weekends:  We try to find something to do around town or out in the country.  Relaxing, watching movies, local rodeos, festivals, traveling etc.

{exploring the foothills of Mt. Rainier}

Pets:  We have a dog named Lucy, and she is definitely our crazy red head!

{she looks pretty cute, huh?}

Fight Most About:  Bears Vs. Packers!

{a historic game for us! the Bears won that day!}

Biggest Worry:  Being apart from each other too much.. the Army keeps us pretty busy and sometimes it’s tough to be in the same place at the same time!


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