How to cut ribbon fast!


I have been working on a project that required a LOT of ribbon to be cut.  7 rolls of 50 yards each to be exact.  Yikes!

So, after the first roll, and thinking that I might die from ribbon cutting induced carpel tunnel.. I got creative!

Here’s what you need:

  • Medium sized bowl
  • Wooden spoon
  • large rubberband
  • masking tape
  • toothpick

So, I put the ribbon on the wooden spoon and strapped it to the bowl using the large rubber band.

Then, I used masking tape to secure the toothpick to my cutting mat to help guide the ribbon to where I wanted to cut it.  Next, I marked off the length that I wanted each section to be using masking tape.

Viola!  You just pull and cut!

This was SOOO much easier than doing one roll at a time!  I even did four at a time at one point!

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