Belly Updates: 22 Weeks!

How Far Along: 22 Weeks, 2 days
Size of Baby:  Papaya (8 in, 1.2 lbs)
Symptoms:  Definitely no denying the roundness of the belly now!  And with it has come a little bit of discomfort, just not feelin’ comfy lately.  And had some heartburn, but nothing too terrible.
Movement:  I love being able to feel the baby moving around!  It’s most active after I have a meal and when I’m laying down.  During the ultrasound last week you could see it’s little hands and feet poking around!
Cravings:  Nothing really stands out to me… maybe Root Beer.  There are so few decaffeinated drink options though, this is probably just a preference and not a true craving.
Milestones:  We had our mid-pregnancy ultra sound in the past week!  It was so amazing!  The baby is so beautiful!  I loved getting to see it moving around and seeing the measurements and what not.  We’re waiting to find out the gender until the birth day, and the sonographer was so sweet about it!  Just had us look away while she made sure everything looked good down there!
Also been working hard on getting the nursery finished up.  We finally have all the furniture!  We have been so blessed to have such good friends that have given us everything that we have needed!  So far we have only spent $10 on furniture!  I’ve also been working on some crafty things for the room including a mirror frame made of ribbons.  Stay tuned for a post about it!

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