Yarn and Felt Rose Wreath


I found this little gem while I was cruising around on Pinterest the other day!  I thought it would be super cute as a wreath for Valentine’s Day.

It lead me to a great Etsy shop which offered these beautiful wreaths.. and I thought to myself, “Self, you can make one for way less than that!”  And so I did!  And so can you!

Here’s what you need:

  • Styrofoam wreath form
  • Grey Yarn
  • Red Felt
  • Green Felt
  • Hot Glue gun with refills
  • Free time
First,  Wrap your styrofoam wrath form with your grey yarn.  Mine was a little tricky, because my form wasn’t perfectly round, it was flat on the back.  So I recommend getting the round ones, although they cost a few more bucks.  Lesson learned.  This took longer than I thought it would  FYI…
Next, you’re going to make your roses.  For each rose you’ll follow the same simple steps.  First you’re going to cut a circle.
Then, you’re going to make a corkscrew cut from the outside to the inside of the circle, leaving a round bit in the middle.  It’s okay if you don’t cut it in a perfect corkscrew, some variation makes each rose unique.
Once you have it cut, you’re going to roll it up from the outside to the inside.  This can take a few tries to get it to work each time, but be patient.  the bottom of the rose will basically be flat at the end.
Put a big ol’ glob of hot glue on the bottom of the rose and fold the round part from the middle down on top of it.  This is what will hold the rose together.
Look at the pretty flowers!
{not sure why my camera isn’t liking taking pictures… sorry bout the weirdness of it… }
After you’re done making all of your roses, you can start placing them on the wreath.  I used straight pins to hold them sort of in place while I was practicing so I could get the spacing how I wanted it.  I took a picture once I thought I had them right so I could put it back together again with the hot glue.
Then, I started gluing everything down.
Have you found anything on Pinterest that you’ve created at home?

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