First Centering Appointment


This week we had our very first Centering Pregnancy appointment. CenteringPregnancy is a group care appointment where about ten of us that are about the same point in our pregnancies meet together for ten sessions to talk about pregnancy issues, caring for babies, symptoms, pain management techniques, and other topics. There is an OB, a midwife, and a nurse there to facilitate the meetings too.

Our first group appointment consisted of us taking our vitals (Hubby took my blood pressure, weight and pain scale all my himself!), “Mat time” which is where the OB used the dopplar to find the fetal heartbeat (going strong at about 143-148 bpm!) and then all the group members made some fun name tags to use at the appointments. Then we started on the discussions. They did a few housekeeping items like having us sign confidentiality agreements that reminded us that even though it’s a group appointment HIPPA laws still apply, and signing a picture release (sometimes they take group shots to use for promotions).

This month we talked about nutrition and excercise. There weren’t very many questions from the other mothers. Only a couple of us had our spouses with us. It was a little awkward at first since we don’t know each other, but then the conversation warmed up.

Afterwards, I got to speak with the MidWife that is with our group and asked her some of the questions that I’ve been saving up. She was so sweet and really helpful! One of the benefits of participating in the Centering program is that I will see the same Midwife through the whole pregnancy. While that doesn’t guarantee that she will be there at the hospital when I go into labor, it’s better than having to see a different person every appointment.

Looking forward to our next appointment!


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  1. What a great idea!! And you’ll know other mommies when all your babies are born. That was Rylee’s heart rate throughout my pregnancy- so maybe it’s a girl :-) though my mom kept saying that that was a boy’s heart rate lol

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