Belly Updates: 15 Weeks!


{I’ll try to get an actual belly pic tonight ya’ll}

How far Along: 15 Weeks
Size of Baby: Navel Orange
Symptoms: Having a bit more cramps this week, so I’ll need to up my water intake again to make sure I’m not getting dehydrated.
Movement: Nothing yet!  I keep feeling what I think is gas, but nothing I can definitively say was baby kicks or movement.
Cravings: Had a lot of Sushi this week (don’t worry all had cooked fish not raw)  and think I may have figured out why I want so much salt on everything.  I might need to start taking some iodine supplement and that should take care of that.  Just have to check with the midwife first.
Maternity Clothes: Nothing new this week but enjoying my comfy jeans… wearing a uniform everyday really cuts down on the amount of clothes that I have to get.
Milestones: Can’t think of anything right now… we are starting to get the furniture into the nursery.  Hubby worked hard to get the crib and glider refinished and repainted and they are looking good.  We even got a mattress last night so it’s coming together a little at a time.

I have a trip coming up next week and I’m super excited to see all of my Arkansas friends again!  It’ll be Mango’s second airplane trip and it’s not even born yet!


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