Belly Updates: 14 Weeks!


{Hmmm.. slightly bigger than 12.. but taken right after dinner so maybe that’s hamburger helper in there ;) }

How far Along: 14 Weeks
Size of Baby: Lemon
Symptoms: Well, if the baby is the size of a lemon this week, it’s making me a sour puss! I’m certainly in a sour mood most of the time right now.. poor hubby!
Movement: Nothing yet!
Cravings: We’ve found our first (and extremely) bizarre pregnancy craving.. G-96 Brand Triple Action Gun Treatment… um, yeah.. That would gun cleaning fluid. It smells like delicious cinnamon to me! Makes me want to drink it up. {which obviously i wouldn’t do since its toxic}
Maternity Clothes: I have my first pair of maternity jeans! I was starting to worry about stretching out my old ones, so ordered some Old Navy ones. They’re super comfy!
Milestones: Just entered the second trimester, and made our appointment for our ultrasound {it’s not until November 16th though..booo}

We’re thinking about starting to take bets on whether it’s twins or a single haha!  We shall see in November!  Stay tuned for more updates on baby Mango!


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  1. That’s crazy that you don’t have an ultrasound until Nov! All the docs here do one at your first appointment 6-8 weeks in to see how many babies are there and make sure that the early stages look good… Boo Army :(

  2. Yeah, we got to get a doppler appointment at 10 weeks.. of course the midwife “wasn’t sure” if it was only one heartbeat because there was a lot of fetal movement going on. You would think that she would have proceeded to do an ultrasound to confirm, but no.

    So, 1. Baby (if only one) is very active which makes me a bit nervous not only for the “inside baby” time but for how hyper this little one might be on the outside. and 2. I *might* be starting to think twins would be awesome. Hmmm.. perhaps we should take parenthood on one baby at a time!

    • Bailey was super active during both the ultrasounds and the dopplers at the regular appointments. So far, she’s squirmy, but is actually sleeping better than I’m hearing the other mommies say their similar aged babies are sleeping. It can be a good thing if they tire themselves out :)

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