Blessings from Tragedy


As we all reflect upon where we were when the Terrorist attacks occured ten years ago, I wanted to take a moment to share with you how this tragedy has also blessed my life.  I know that probably isn’t the normal thing to hear on a day like today, but without the devastation of 9/11 my life would certainly be different.

I was in my Senior year of High School in a suburban Chicago town when the attacks happened.  I heard the news from my bus driver as I rode the shuttle from one high school to another.  The day was spent trying to absorb the news of the catastrophic events from New York, DC and Pennsylvania.

If the attack had not happened, then my boyfriend of the time probably would never have joined the Army. He vanished shortly after the attacks, and I didn’t know where he was.  In January 2002 I recieved a letter from him on Army stationary, explaining that he had enlisted.

If he had not joined the Army, I probably wouldn’t have married him later that Summer.  I wouldn’t have moved to Ft Bragg, North Carolina and spent two years building friendships during his two deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.  I know his life was forever changed by those events.

If I hadn’t married him, we wouldn’t have divorced in 2004.  After experiencing the military life for two years, I knew that it was the path that I would like to follow.

If we hadn’t divorced, I wouldn’t have joined the Army in May 2005.  I attended basic training, AIT and continued my education through the Army Reserves benefits that I received.  I used the education to gain a Direct Commission as a 2LT in July 2009.

If I hadn’t joined the Army, I wouldn’t have relocated to Fort Lewis, Washington.  I moved to persue a Military Technician position.  I also Commissioned after moving here.

If I hadn’t relocated to Fort Lewis, I would have never met my amazing husband whom I love more each day  {this is the part where I start to tear up ya’ll} and we wouldn’t be expecting our first child.  I am now on Active duty, and have a career that I love as well.

There are so many IF’s that have lead me to the life that I lead now.  I have an absolutely blessed life.  So as tragic as the events of 9-11-2001 were, I cannot help to also celebrate how it has blessed me.

I hope that you all can find your own way of getting the blessings from the tragedy today.


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