The thing about pregnancy…


is that by the time you get up to announcing to everyone that you’re expecting, all the stuff you really have questions about is already over! As you’re figuring out how to keep the crackers down and the ginger ale stocked up in weeks 4-12 the only resources that you really have are all those pregnancy sites like The Bump!  {Not that the bump is bad, i’ve gotten a lot of info off of it}  But as for the bloggy world, a lot of people don’t put it out there early.

So, in an effort to spread the word about the first trimester, here is my recap:

1.  Morning sickness is different for everyone.  For me, it has been a general feeling of ickyness peppered with days where i felt like i couldn’t even move.  It made it hard to stay hydrated, because water made me queasy, and since i was dehydrated i would get queasy {go figure round robin of crappiness}.  Also, dehydration can cause extra cramping which can make a super paranoid first time mom worry too much.

2.  Cravings can be yummy!  And healthy too!  So far the thing that topped my list are jalapeños as well as oranges.  Both pretty healthy options!  I’ve never really been a fan of spicy food, so the jalapeños really caught me off guard, but for the first time ever I keep a jar of them in the fridge!  And I’m glad that I like oranges right now, because it’s helping to keep me hydrated {See #1}.

3.  Nurses can either calm you down or make you feel like an idiot.  Hold on there nursin’ fans, i’m not throwin’ stereotypes around here!  I have discovered that it’s really a game of chance when it comes to how medical professionals are going to treat you.  I already feel like I have a million questions that are super silly, and then the nurse says, “Is this your first pregnancy?”  in that voice like she really meant to say “Oh child you just don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into have you darlin’?” Yeah.

4. Free healthcare comes at a cost.  Yes, I am fortunate that I have an all expense paid trip from blood test through Labor & Delivery.  However, I work my ass off to serve this country in order to get it.  That being said, it bothers me that Army Spouses receive different opportunities for pre-natal care than Soldiers.  It has bothered me so much that I have talked to Tricare on several occasions and I have contacted several associations who lobby for Soldiers rights.  What it really boils down to, I would like to be able to choose where I give birth to my child and not be forced to use a certain medical center.  I do get good medical care, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to go to my dream scenario of using a birthing center and a dedicated midwife.

5.  You can totally fake a baby bump.  That’s right, I’ve faked it.  A lot.  Cause really ya’ll, when you tell people that you’re preggo in person and they absolutely cannot see it.. they kinda look at you like, “Really?”  Well, taking advantage of all that bloat really does work hahaha.. that or I’m carrying twins and don’t even know it yet.  Shazam.



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  1. That really sucks you can’t decide on your own healthcare for delivery! It is such a personal thing. I hope you get somewhere is your campaigning! I am so excited for you, congrats!

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