Sometimes you just need some trashy TV in your life..


With Hubby being away this month, I find myself with a little extra TV time in the evenings that isn’t filled with Southpark or that one with the football shaped head baby..

Enter “Bachelor Pad” a show that only the most devious of TV producers could throw together.  I mean, come on, lets throw ten chicks and ten dudes together in a house who have either dated each other and then cheated on each other and then sold the story to tabloids.. oh wait, that’s just Vienna.  Bwahaha..

It is seriously like a horrific accident.. I cannot believe that these people actually live functional lives!  Really?!  So here’s my lowdown on some of the cast members

Vienna:  DRAMA QUEEN.  Get a grip, really.

Gia: Kudos to you for being mature about Jake and Vienna’s situation when you first got there.  AND for being mature seeing as Vienna slept with your ex-boyfriend (Singer dude).

Jake:  Your reason for being on the show is to get closure with Vienna?!  How about get over yourself dude.  You ain’t all that.  Upside, you weren’t an ass when you first saw your ex and her new boy toy.  WALK AWAY.

Michael:  Sucks that your ex-fiance is on the show too, but like how you both tried to use humor in your greeting and make it a positive experience.

Tattoo guy:  I don’t remember your name (Oh yeah, Casey), but I really hope that you get away from Vienna soon.  She is backhanded and immature.

So after an hour (of the two hour special) i got really bored and changed it over to another channel..  Trashy people just frustrate me too much to suffer through another hour of that.



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