A Sweet Bavarian Town

When I tell people who are not from Washington that we went to Leavenworth for a visit.. they pretty much look at me like I’m crazy, going to visit a prison and all..  um.  yeah..  no.
Leavenworth is also the name of an adorable town in Washington state that transformed itself from a struggling timber and rail town to an Alpine Bavarian village.  
This was our first stop on our exploration of the Cascade Loop, a scenic route through the heart of Washington state that gives you a taste of the best that Washington has to offer.

{notice the footprint sign?  i had no idea that Harry and Henderson’s was so old!}

{we spotted Harry on our way to Leavenworth!}

{we also stopped at Deception Falls on our way!  such a powerful waterfall!}
When we did get to Leavenworth, we took a quick trip through the town and then started setting up camp for the night..
{look at hubby bein’ all outdoorsy!}

{i think i took this picture a bit later, but here’s a good view of our site for the first night on the road}
Then we went to explore the town.  The buildings are unique in that they all follow the inspiration of an old tradition.  
{so cute, right?  i’m pretty sure that i broke out in that song from Beauty and the Beast at least five times during our visit lol}
All of the store signs are hand painted.  Although the downtown area is quaint, each shop has its own charm with fudge shops, Christmas boutiques, outdoor sports outfitters and everything in between.
We had lunch at a little cafe downtown.  They had the most delicious brats that I have ever had!  And of course some brews to wash them down with too!

Hubby liked the brews so much, that he got some to bring home for later!

It was a great day exploring Leavenworth! Stay tuned for details of our next stop.. Lake Chelan!

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