Lessons Learned about Homeownership..

*WARNING* There are graphic pictures of maggots contained in this post.. so if that grosses out, use caution!
Once upon a time, a little birdy found a nice warm, dry, comfy place to make a nest… our bathroom vent.  So we called the landlord and asked him to call someone to clean it out.. but they didn’t come because we weren’t home when they wanted to fix it and hadn’t made an appointment with us..
Then the little birdie laid some eggs, and when we returned from a weekend of camping… had several annoyingly loud chirpy little baby birds {which hubby couldn’t hear because the Army stole his hearing, but i could hear all the time}  These baby birds would cry all day and all night and fill the house with their noises.  So we called the landlord again.  And the pest control man said he had to wait until they flew the nest because if he missed one there would be.. maggots.  YUCK.  So we waited.
And waited.
And waited.
And the birds finally flew the nest, but not without leaving behind a very yucky smell.  So much so that we had to seal off the vent with plastic and duct tape.  Which kindof worked.. so we shut the door and waited for the landlord to fix it..
And waited.
And waited.
And then one day, we {and by that i mean me} went into clean said bathroom and found a nasty, yucky, dry heave inducing sights!
{they got all the way on the floor and were everywhere!!}
So, we sent pictures of the mess to the landlord to impress upon him the urgency of fixing the vent.  The very next day, Mr. Jose came and took apart the vent and discovered that one of the poor baby birds did not make it.. and that is why we had a mess!  YUCK!  Yuckety, yuck, yuck, yuck!!
{ironic that this bathroom is decorated with birds, no?}
So, what have we learned from this?
1.  Being renters is a great opportunity to learn about the types of things that we would otherwise be responsible for fixing if we owned the place.
2.  Maggots make Myra freak out.
3.  Cleaning out dead animals is officially Hubby’s responsibility in any future home ownership we have.
4.  Mr. Jose is very brave.

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