Steak Sandwiches

This was a spur of the moment creation based upon the always present question: “what can we make from what’s left in the fridge?”  But they turned out fantastic!
Here’s what you need:
A pound or two of steak bits
Sliced Bread
Sliced Cheese
Shredded Mozzarella
Chopped Onion
Here’s what you do:
Saute the onion until they start to be translucent.  Then add the steak and cook thoroughly.  While you’re waiting on that, you should toast your bread slices..
Take the steak and onions out of the pan, and pour the juices into a little cup.  {hubby likes to dip his sandwich in that}
Then you put a piece of bread, a slice of cheese, a spoonful of steak and onion, and a heap of  mozzarella… like this:
and then squash it down with another piece of bread and cook it like you do a grilled cheese sandwich.
It gets super gooey and cheesy and yummy!

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