The Army’s Got Boats!

That’s right folks!  Who would’ve thought, right? 
 Well, until I went through my Transportation Officer course, I had no idea either!  And now, I get to spend every day working for one of the most unique and important transportation units in the entire Army!  Whoot Whoot!
This summer we are continuing our work with a humanitarian mission in Alaska.  Just wanted to share with you some pictures of our vessel all loaded up with the equipment we are taking up there to help a village be relocated.
{click to zoom!}
That’s a lot of stuff, right?!  Lets see.. a few forklifts, a bulldozer..  a few containers..
I think the boat is under there somewhere!
{click to zoom!}
This type of vessel is called a Landing Craft Utility 2000 or “LCU 2000.”  
This particular one is called the LCU 2025 Malvern Hill.  It’s the 25th of the series.  
And my soldiers are rockin’ it out all the way to Alaska!

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