Lazy Summer Nights

Ok ya’ll.. when I thought of how I’d be blogging this summer..
this is not how I imagined it.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed..
but my blog has been somewhat neglected by a certain someone
I thought that the summertime would be like the clouds clearing and loud angelic voices ringing and loads and loads of homey-home-maker inspiration comin’ my way!
Well, turns out, it has been pretty sunny here in Washington {a serious rarity}, and the only time to enjoy it is the few short hours after a long day at work {I still gatta work during the day, so no luck on the sunshine and rainbows gig then} lol..
So, hubby and I have been enjoying lazy summer activities around the house..
like our new fire pit!
{which is really fantastic to sit and read a book after a long day of work!}
And making our favorite childhood meals
{which are super easy to make!}
All this soakin’ up the sunshine after work really cuts into my normal bloggy time, but that’s alright, I’ll get you caught up with me!
So, all the pictures I’ve been saving up the past few weeks are all going to be turned into beautiful bloggy posts for you to all enjoy!
{whoot whoot!}

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