>The Pantry



Moving right along in getting this house put together in some semblance of organization..  I present to you #7 of the 21 Day Organization Challenge!  The Pantry!
Just to give you a baseline, here’s what I started out with:
I probably should have taken some more “before” pictures… eh, it wasn’t anything super cute, or super organized for sure…
Our pantry is actually a pantry/laundry room combo.. not ideal really, but hey, cookie cutter houses are funny like that.
Sooo… I added some really cute glass jars to hold our pasta, grains, sugar and flour…
And I moved all of my canned goods to eye level, and put them on a riser shelf so I could see all the labels…
Added some super cute baskets to hide all those ugly packages from cereal and chips and all that..
So, in the end, it looks pretty good! {i am partial to it though..}
  I’d like to add some color in here, maybe a happy yellow or a fresh green color.  In the mean time, at least it looks like I keep a decently organized space haha!

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