>Decorating the Bedroom


>Our bedroom has been waiting to be given some TLC for a while now..  When we moved in I started focusing on other rooms first like the living room (it’s almost done!)  and just figured that I would get to it eventually.  Here is my inspiration room..  i love this room from the HGTV Dream Home 2009!

I love the white bed with bright colors, the cheery walls and the open but cozy feeling of it!

Well, This past weekend I finally got around to giving our bedroom a bit more love.  We had painted an accent wall about a week or two after we moved in, but that was pretty much all that had been done.  It is a really pretty geen color called “Bamboo Shoot” from Lowe’s Valspar line.

Over the past week I have been slowly working towards getting more done in there!

I painted some picture frames from our wedding a really pretty glossy white….

I hung up some cubes… {instead of doing a wall of pictures like the inspiration room}

Added some cute chachkies.. {i love how the white accents pop against the green wall}

Hung up some curtains… {i opted for green instead of white, since the main walls in the room are white}

And some adorable bedding…  {i definitely wanted to have some pops of bright color}


Obviously much, much different than the inspiration room.. but I think it has some of the same feel to it.  I wanted it to feel relaxed, like you could curl up and read a book in there all day.
The other half of the room isn’t really done yet.. still trying to find the perfect chair to add to our nook!
What do ya think?

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