>The Next Step… Stumbling Mumbling Monday


>Alright Folks, just to warn you.. this little stumble is pretty darn boring.. just to warn you.

So, if you’ve been paying attention the past couple of weeks, you would know that I finished my very first half marathon!  Whoot whoot!

With all this running going on, i’ve taken it upon myself to eat.. well.. whatever I want.  haha.  But no more!  I am buckling down and learning more about what I’ve got to do to get the other half of the puzzle in the right place.

So, who else to ask than Harvard?

Bearing in mind that I found this site about ten minutes before heading off to bed.. I will explore more later..

But it looks like this could be a decent starting place.  That, and the Nutrition for Dummies book I was thinking of getting!  

Here’s to gettin’ healthy y’all!



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