>Keepsake Remake! Organization Challenge #18


>My parents were nice enough {and somehow organized enough even with 3 kids} to keep memory boxes for each of us kids.  These ones are mine!

Over the years my parents added our finger paintings, school portraits, birthday cards and other various items into the boxes.

My challenge is to go through these boxes, sort out the things that mean the most, and somehow bring myself to part with the rest!

So far, this hasn’t been that hard.  Lets just say that after 10 finger paintings, they all really start to look the same.. just sayin’..

I have made it through the first three years worth!  And as a testament to my progress, here is a little sampling from my new scrapbook!  Yay for new hobbies!

My first few days!
{and the super cheesy baby announcement that my Dad made}
{Some more cute baby-Myra pictures}
{a letter from my Great-Grandmother Ella from my 1 month birthday}
{first christmas!  Trying to find more pictures to add to this one}
There are some bigger things in the memory boxes too, like some porcelain baby shoes and my rattle.  {which are super cute}.  And I think I might save them and make a shadow box with all of the best things in it.  It depends on what I find through out the project and if there is enough to add to the mix.
Have you found any great memories from your childhood lately?


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