>Spouse, Sponsor or Both?



There are few times that irritate crap out of me more than when people make spouse/sponsor assumptions in the military community.
One example is when I go shopping on post and I am not in uniform.
Especially at the Clothing & Sales.
When the (sassy ethnic hippie chick) sales person patronizingly says, “Oh here dear, I can help you find your husband’s size…”
Lady, I’ve been wearing the uniform for SIX YEARS I think I can find the size.  
Of course, what I really said was “Thank you, but I am fine.”
Perhaps I am a bit grouchy today.  
Perhaps that is because hubby is yet again in the field.  
And his squad leader didn’t tell him until this morning (because hubby was on staff duty last week.. as if cellular telephones do not make passing information very easy) to pack his ruck.  
I hope your week has started in a better place than mine.

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