>Lucy’s Walk


>Today was such a beautiful day outside (aka not raining) that I decided to take Lucy for a walk when I got home from work.  I’ve actually been hoping to show all of you some of the trails near the house, so this was a great opportunity to take some pictures since I was moving at a much slower pace than usual.

This trail is particularly nice because it is easy to get to, and it has a great vibe..  I am not really sure what to call it besides a vibe.  Even though it is right behind a subdivision, it is so quiet and serene!  
The views of the Puget Sound are absolutely amazing in some areas.  I usually do this trail in the early morning, so the sunset was an added bonus this afternoon.  But the mornings are beautiful too, with some fog lifing off of the water, and the birds just waking up!
The whole area is protected and that is how it stays so beautiful!
Lucy really liked being out of the backyard and exploring :)

See Puget Sound back in there?
Tried to take a break and get a picture of us together and this is the best I got.. Lucy doesn’t sit still very long and isn’t sure what “look at the camera” means hahahaha
I hope you had a beautiful day too!

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