>Rock out your run… Stumbling Mumbling Monday!



Happy Monday everyone!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!
This week’s stumbling adventure was a treasure trove of useful sites!  But since I had an awesome run this morning (go me.) it put me in the mood for something that would have made it even better
Viola!  I found jog.fm in todays adventures, and it is fantastic!  I have been going back and forth on whether to listen to music while running.  Sometimes I’m in the mood, but it’s got to be the “right” music.  Enter jog.fm
I have used podcasts from iTunes for my running music before, from PodRunner… but it was mostly techno all mixed up and stuff, which isn’t really my thing (if that is your thing, then you’ll love that site too!).
This site lets you sort the songs right off by Popularity, BPM, etc.
Plus, if you aren’t sure what BPM you need you can search by pace!  This is exactly what I was looking for.  Now I can have some great tunes that will help me keep the pace that I need.  Whether I’m doing a short run, tempo run or my long run, this will keep me on track. 
Just a sampling of what I might use for my tempo runs.
AND I like that the site lets you listen to a preview, tells you if it’s explicit, where you can buy it, what pace it’s good for, and the BPM that it puts you at!  
But WAIT!  There’s MORE!
Then you click Buy This Playlist!
And it takes you right to iTunes with your whole playlist on a single album for you to buy!  Whoot Whoot!
Something tells me that my Wednesday run is going to be a lot more entertaining!  
Do you run with or without music?  
What swayed you that way?

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