>Welcome Home Dinner


>Hey Everybody!  Hubby came home from the field after three weeks on Friday night, and to celebrate I made my go-to yummy dinner of steak, oven roasted potatoes and green beans.

First off, I made a pilgrimage to our favorite grocery store Tacoma Boys (an additional 30 minute drive out of the way.  In rush hour traffic.).  They have the most amazing meat and produce selection.  Ever.

So I picked up what we needed (still haven’t broken the shop-each-day cycle, but that should be done today!)  and it looked so yummy already!

Next I got the veggies all cleaned up and prepped, ready to go!

The potatoes are prepped with extra virgin olive oil and seasoned salt and put in a pyrex pan.

The green beans are prepped with extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Next up is seasoning the steaks.  Use a ziplock back and add olive oil, pepper, salt, and thyme.  I have no idea what the measurements are… but more thyme than pepper….  And I let it sit and get all yummy until hubby came home.  Probably a couple hours..  The Army doesn’t really have a set time of sending him home.  Patience is key.

Once the steaks are marinated, and you’ve got about 45 minutes to show time, heat your oven to 350*.  Once it’s all warmed up, pop the potatoes in for 35-45 minutes.  You probably want to stir them at least once halfway through so they don’t stick to the pan too much.
(i hate those black dots.. ruins the pictures lol)
Once the potatoes are about halfway done, I start on the green beans and the steaks.  Both get a saucepan prepped with olive oil and heated to med-low heat.  But the green beans get a little water at the bottom of the pan too so it’s kind of a combo of sauteing and steaming.  The steaks need just a little bit of oil to keep them from browning too much.  Usually Hubby grills the steaks, but he was pretty worn out so I cooked them on the stove instead.
Sidenote:  I love the stainless steel cookware that we got for a wedding present, but I definitely have not mastered cooking the protein portion of the meal in them.  I always end up burning it.  Hence, the crappy pan for the steaks..
The green beans, on the other hand, turned out fabulous!
Unfortunately, the food was so amazing smelling and delicious that I totally forgot to get a picture of the finished product!  Jeeze!  But it must have been good, because it sent Hubby into a food coma!
Do you have a favorite “welcome home” meal that you make?
How did you celebrate your most recent reunion?

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