>Lucy’s New Home


>Having a new home is always exciting, and with our move to a new home, we also had to consider whether we would keep Lucy as an indoor dog, or have her be an outdoor dog.

Hubby felt pretty strongly about having Lucy stay outside once we relocated.  Lucy is a hairy dog.  Not just a little, but absolutely hairy.  The groomer charges us as if she is a husky, that’s how hairy she is.  Her hair made it so that if you didn’t vacuum every day the house was covered in it.

I have never had an outside dog before.  I felt like I was being a bad mom to my fur baby by subjecting her to the rain and yuck of the pacific northwest.  I mean, lets face it, it’s only sunny like three days a year here!  Wouldn’t poor Lucy be cold and wet and lonely?

In the end, Hubby made some good arguments for having Lucy stay outside.  My condition was that I be able to get her a fantastic house too.  I mean, us humans got an upgrade, why not get the best for my pooch?

I intended to take pictures as I was putting this together, but once again, totally forgot.  Hubby wasn’t home to put it together, and I got caught up in the excitement of giving Lucy a sweet new pad.

She looks pretty cute next to it, huh?  She refuses to use it so far, but Hubby says that if she gets cold enough or wet enough she will realize that it is a safe and warm place to sleep.  I will admit, I sorta kinda spoiled her while we were waiting to find a dog house and let her sleep in the garage.  Hopefully she will come to love her new home as much as we love ours!
Do any of you have outside dogs?  
How do make them still feel like part of the “pack”?

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  1. >I would love to make my 2 dogs outside dogs, but Paul is so completely against it! Our hardwood floors look like they grow hair over night, and so does our black leather couch! The dogs used to never get on it, but now that we sleep with our bedroom door open and don't keep them in our room at night, there's no way in knowing when they are up there and when they aren't. Not gonna lie, they are outside all day when Paul is at work.. shhh… I just hate putting Rylee down somewhere for 2 seconds and when I pick her up there's dog hair all over her and her binky and her blankie she likes to chew on! It's definitely a bone of contention with us and I know the battle isn't over yet.

  2. >Have you looked into the couch shock mats that keep dogs off? My step-sister Amy uses them with her dog to keep her off the couch while she isn't home or can't keep an eye on her and they work really well! Don't know how you feel about a little jolt, but the dog gets the point! I am definitely loving not having to vacuum all the time.

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