>My First 10K


>I am trying to do one race a month, leading up to my first half marathon in May.  This month, I participated in the Mercer Island Rotary  10K.  Their primary event is the Half Marathon, but they also have a kids dash, 5K Walk/Run, and 10K Walk/Run.  The proceeds go towards the Swedish Cancer Institute for Colon Cancer research and prevention.

There were so many people there!  This is definitely a bigger event than the Magnuson Series that I ran last month.  Can you see the start line waayyy up there?
Just making sure I get my traditional pre-start picture..  Just waiting for the kids dash to finish and then we we’re off!  This was a nice run because it was a huge loop.. no there-and-back like the Magnuson Series.  Mercer island has some really great trails available, but a lot of the race was on the street.  There were a couple parts that I wish I could have gotten pictures of myself but oh well.  There was this huge grassy area with a boulder in the middle, and the grass around it had been built up in berms to look like ripples of water… very cool.
You can’t really tell by this picture, but the last 500 feet of the race were uphill.  Seriously?  I can’t imagine what it would have felt like after a half marathon.. Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about that for, oh about a month and a half…

Here I am after the race!  Some nice folks took the picture for me.  I was pretty tired, but did a lot better than I expected!  My time on my watch was 1:13:40  but the race was chip timed so we will see what the official time is soon!  Now I’m on the hunt for a 15K for next month!  

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  1. >I got your change of address card today! It's super cute!And you are my running hero. :) I think if I ran a 10K, I would fall over and quite possibly die. haha.

  2. >I'm glad you liked it! I should have done a blog about those… hmmm might have to add one.. The 10K was rough! I seriously laid on the couch that night and did not want to move. at all. the next morning was rough too. but so glad that i have gotten back into it! It has only been three months and here I am!

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