>Alaskan Adventures


>I was once again in Alaska this week for a conference about the Alaska IRT mission for work.  The mountains were amazing on the flight up!  I only caught the last little bit of them since I slept most of the flight…

We got the chance to walk around downtown Anchorage for a bit and found some ice sculptures.

and a moose!  Not a real one this time, but still pretty cool.

It was freezing cold up there!  Luckily I found a cute and quirky hat to keep my ears warm for the week!

Then my nookColor died a little bit, and I almost cried… but B&N took care of me and replaced it without a problem.  I <3 them.  At least for now..

The conference went well, and we got a lot of the details sorted out about the big mission coming up this summer.  There is so much to do and it’s going to be here before we know it!  
I actually stayed awake during most of the plane trip home, and got to see the mountains again!  


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