>The Will to Run



will – – noun – – a fixed and persistent intent or purpose…
the never ceasing, continually recurring to the mind, stubbornly unyielding anticipated outcome that guides your planned actions…

if only this description could be how i feel about running.  i started up again a couple of weeks ago and i am still in that- “i know it’s going to feel good someday if i could just get past this crappy, rust shaking phase”- phase.  i go three times a week and meet up with two others that run.  we might not go that far (between 2 and 3 miles so far) but at least i’m going.  
during the second run, i found my stride again -briefly.  if you are or have been a runner you know what i’m talking about.  that perfect unison of leg pumping, arm swinging and breathing rhythm that makes it feel like you could conquer the entire world if it approached you the other way on the running trail.
as part of this process i knew i needed a goal to really work toward.  something that i couldn’t back out of and hadn’t done before.  so, i signed up for the Tacoma City Half Marathon in may.  it’s less than 100 days away now and i’m still working my way up in milage.  13 miles is a long way through the hills of Tacoma!
my ultimate goal is to make running as integral a part of my routine as brushing my teeth.  
in the meantime, i’m taking it one run at a time.  

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