>Two Days to Go!


>Well, the decorations are separated out, and everything seems ready to go!  This morning we went out to breakfast with my parents at a local coffee shop called Common Grounds.  It is my favorite place to go for breakfast in Fayetteville.  They have a delicious coffee bar, and the food is always yummy!  It was nice getting to spend some more time with Dad and Susan, and my cousin Charles came as well so we got to talk over some ceremony logistics as well.

After breakfast, I went to Revive Day Spa for a Salt Glow Scrub and massage and it was amazing!  They were so friendly and they helped be get relaxed and ready for the days to come.  Jeremiah went to the mall and picked up some things for the family Christmas.

We spent the afternoon exchanging gifts with the Fountain family, and took a nap as well.  Then I headed over to Tori’s house to get the last bit of wedding organization out of the way so that for the next two days I think I might be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy everything!


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