>Seven Days!


>Oh my goodness!  This time really is flying by!  Except when I am work.. then it seems to take forever!

Today I made sure to get to work extra extra early so that I could leave early too.  Then I took the Jetta in to get the new stereo (with bluetooth!) installed.  While it was getting it’s upgrade I went and pampered myself by getting my mani-pedi on at the nail salon!

Since we got home it’s been a whirlwind of activity while we are packing our stuff for the big trip.  A bag for the ski gear, a bag for the wedding stuff, two bags of clothes between us.. and the list just seems to be getting longer.  Not to mention that the wedding dress takes up the entire trunk!  Yikes!  Jeremiah has his work cut out for him when he packs the car up tomorrow.

Last night I went over everything and it still seams like it is all going to be okay.  I even got to call Stephanie at Catchlight Photography today and I am so excited about getting Sam and Stephanie to do our wedding!

Well it’s off to finalize some more things and assemble the announcements!  Good night all!


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