>One Month to Go!


>Oh my goodness!  Tori and I spent the entire day accomplishing wedding planning madness!  We started off by having a yummy breakfast at Common Grounds, a local coffee shop/bar combo here in Fayetteville.  They have amazing coffee and food, and I love getting to go there while I’m in town.

After satisfying my local appetite, we headed over to The Event Group.  Shellie Morrison is an absolute blessing, and has really helped to pull everything together for the big day!  We got to sit down and really set out a timeline and how the room can be set up for the wedding.

Our next stop was at  Festivities Tents & Events to talk to them about the linen rentals.  They have such a great selection, and were extremely helpful with getting the right look for everything.

Next we had a meeting with Collin at The Fayetteville Town Center.  I got a peak at the room for the reception and we used this amazing software program to do the layout for everything.  It looks like we might need to change the room that we rented for the big day, but hopefully it will work out in the next week or so.

We also met with Mark from Sound Junkie today.  He is one of my vendors that I got to meet in person for the first time during this visit, and he was fantastic!  He really helped with going through the order of events for the reception and had some great suggestions for songs to play during different things.  We also got to chit chat a little bit about the Army, Lol!

Somehow during all of these appointments we also managed to go to Hobby Lobby, the Alpha Delta Pi house, the florist to set an appointment, and a few other errands too!

After all the running around we did all day, we made our way to Mimi’s Cafe in Rogers.  I used to work there years ago, and it’s like going to visit family when we stop in there.  A nice glass of wine and a delicious meal was a great way to end the hectic day!

Once we got home, I still seemed to have a lot of energy, so I went to work on making the card box for the reception.  I found a blog online last night that had directions on how to make one that was super cute.  As I mentioned earlier, we picked up everything that we needed from Hobby Lobby.  Check out the finished product!


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