>Chocolate and Satin


>My sister has been in town this weekend and it’s been nice to get some girl time in and work on some wedding things.  Abbie comes down from Alaska every few months, and we get to hang out for a few days.

Today we went to a bridal gown fitting at Elizabeth’s Alterations.  My dress looks absolutely fabulous!  I am so excited about how it’s turned out and can hardly wait for Jeremiah to see me in it.  I also got to take my veil home with me so that next week, when I get my hair done as a test run, we can make sure it works.

Tonight we also tested out my tattoo cover-up and it works really well.  I just need to get a tan so that it will blend better with my skin! I am also thinking about going back and getting the lighter color of the makeup.  It’s definitely too dark right now!  But I am happy that I will get to cover up my back tattoo and it wont be a distraction from my beautiful dress.

Also exciting is that I was able to find a perfect fit for my favors!  I had ordered some really cute stickers a couple of months ago, and I was hoping that they would fit on the bottom of some large Hershey Kisses.  And they do!  So excited for sharing these with everyone!


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  1. >holy CRAP that works SO WELL!!!! i can't wait to see the lighter color!it's interesting because i never even played with it at Sephora in the past because i'd read such horrible reviews! but this is amazing!! thank you so much for telling me about this =)how is it like after you apply it? do you have to put any powder on top to set it??

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