>46 Days to Go



As the count down to the big day continues, I feel like I can’t seem to get anything done!
The dress is picked out and at alterations, I’ve got the shoes, the garter, and the accessories.  A hair appointment, a nail appointment and all of that.  The menu is in place, and the dj is on call, and the cake is all picked out.  And yet, the to-do list is ever expanding!  We still have to figure out the actual wedding program, and what the heck the men will wear (last minute i know!), along with about a million tiny (but big!) things.  
All the while I have amazing friends and family here to help with almost everything.  I know that as long as we can all get together and celebrate that day, anything else in the world could go wrong, and it’ll still be okay.  The Dj could blow a fuse, and the food be terrible, and my dress rip up the side, and fall flat on my face up the aisle.. and after freaking out for a minute (come one it is me.. u know i’d cry for a bit) but then I would be able to look around at my amazing friends and family and my perfect-for-me husband and know that all is right in the world.
I am going to Fayetteville for one more wedding planning marathon weekend this month.  Tori and I will be meeting with the venue, caterer, photographer, baker, DJ, hairdresser, mens wearhouse, and about a million other things.  Oh, and the Bachelorette/Bridal party!  I am super excited to get together with my favorite ladies and have a fantastic evening at the dueling piano bar! 

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