>A Little Touristy Fun


> Phew!  This has been a very long, but very good day.  Most weekends, I feel like we don’t quite get enough out of each day that we have together.  But today was not one of those days!  We woke up early, went for a run together, made breakfast, watched some football.. all before noon!

Having my Dad visiting has been really great.  This afternoon we went to visit the Museum of Glass in downtown Tacoma.  Neither Jeremiah nor I had been there before, so it was good to see something nearby.  It was smaller than I expected, but there was a really cute gallery where the glass artists had made figurines and whatnot from the drawings of little kids.  We couldn’t take our own pictures, but here is one from the website.

There was also a visiting artist from Finland making glass birds inside of the largest hot shop amphitheater in North America (like how I fit the blurb from the brochure in there? hehe).  It only took him a few minutes to make each one, and they sell them for hundreds of dollars in the gift shop.  
Then of course we had to take the geeky tourist pictures in front of the museum with the cone in the background.  Dad and Jeremiah even took one together :)

We even got to make dinner at home tonight together.  Some yummy kababs and danish squash from our own recipes.  Followed by a movie on the big comfy couch.  
Such a blessed day!

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